Hope No oNe haS iT

Hello World

January 10, 2018

Hi folks, let’s try this thing called blogging, I mean called Gatsby, I mean… you know what, nevermind. It’s a blog.

First a bit about the name. It doesn’t makes too much sense on first sight, neither on second or third. For me it’s more of a personal joke than a good blog name and it goes back to my college days in Havana University. There I had this professor, later coworker and awesome friend, who taught us Numerical Mathematics and Humor Theory courses. In one of those subjects he used to make a joke about how he got his first email address. Let’s call him Fernan.

Back in those days, long long looooong ago when Fernan first accessed a computer with internet connection, Javascript was not as popular as today, good UX in the web was not even a thing and connection was done using a 56Kb dialup-modem. All that combined used to make the experience of creating an account in an email service provider a major pain in the …brains. After 10 or 12 failed attempts of filling inputs with your name, age, country and yet-another-already-taken email, if you were lucky enough you were able to get a username that was free just to notice that you have failed to click the “I agree on terms and conditions” checkbox.

After multiple failed attempts and exhausting all the possible ways of combining his name and birthday to create an account, Fernan went all in with something that seemed more like a cry for help rather than a username. He typed: “ihopenoonehasit@gmail.com” and it just worked!!!.

True history or not, joke or not, somehow that phrase has stuck in my mind ever since and made it today into to this blog. For me it is a memoir of perseverance, creativity and good sense of humor, which are 3 qualities every software developer should embrace and improve on daily basis to be succesfull in this line of work. Plus one of the goals here is to build a place where I talk about mistakes made and lessons learned from them. While I do certainly hope no one has to deal with such mistakes, it will be awesome that people read about them here and leave with a better idea on how to solve theirs.

That’s all for now, see you and happy coding.

Pepe Señaris

Written by Pepe Señaris, who comes from Havana and talks to computers in Montevideo.